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About Chiaronaut (key-awro-nawt)




    1. the treatment of light and shade in visual art.

I don't believe that good stories belong only to great storytellers. I believe it's in all that we do, day to day, from the moment we wake up to the end of sleep's last dream. Motion picture allows us a window into another person's life: their endeavor, their joy, their shortfall, and the feelings that come with those moments. The world's greatest filmmakers distill these experiences and emotions into what we all love to watch every day. Chiaronaut strives to do that too.


We love making films. We love telling stories. We're here for you.

- Jordan

Jordan Tan

Chiaronaut is the umbrella under which I get to create all of my work, from music videos and commercials all the way to the occasional but delightedly weird art films that brought me to where I am now. I started making films with my closest friends almost twelve years ago (that's ten years old for me) and since then I've been to film school, created over a hundred videos, and been very blessed to start doing this full time. Cinematography has been my main passion in film, but I aim more than anything to foster a successful community of filmmakers that can take what we do here far beyond any of our dreams. I hope my enthusiasm for filmmaking can translate into what you see of our work, let's get together and make the good stuff!

James Ward

From studio and broadcast work to professional photography, I have collaborated effectively and meet strict deadlines constantly. My time working as an Assistant Director provided much insight into production breakdowns and as a cinematographer I have fine-tuned my videography skill set to work in tangent with my crew.


My goal as Assistant Director is to be able to successfully organize and coordinate with everyone involved on set and to channel everyone's specialty to complete rewarding projects. 

Jason Williams

Life, to me, is a cinematic experience.  I draw inspiration by exploring and experiencing its minutiae.  Reveling in the scent of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, or examining the lines of a perfectly formed fallen leaf;  It's the appreciation of the finer details that makes our lives unique, yet relatable.  Im my opinion, making connections with others is one of the most important experiences we can share as human beings.  I try to infuse this spirit and endless dedication into my craft.  Ultimately I want to use this gift to help others realize their own vision, and make work I can be proud of.

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